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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  February 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> this is a fox news alert. i am geraldo rivera. jeremy lynn tin the unforeseen unbelievable hero of the lowly new york knicks continues to peril a mediocre team to victory. 104-97 over the nba champion. ling in had a career high 14 assists. as the knicks came from way behind the celebrity studded crowd at madison square garden their 8th win of the nine games since he came over as point guard. undrafted harvard grad the nba
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first american player of chinese dissent. here is heather cox. >> right now i am being aggressive and learning a lot from my mistakes. i think i am trying to play the way i am supposed to play which is aggress i and putting pressure on the defense. it has only been two weeks but the training staff does a great job keeping my legs fresh. i know we have another one tomorrow night. we will take any win we can get this one is a big one because they are defending champions and we wanted to come out here and be aggressive and see where we measured up with them. we are glad we won. we are trying to build with eeceach other and build that chemistry so we can move forward and win games. >> the new york times wrote the best story of what lin means to fans especially fans who are chinese dissented americans, christians, there are so many things that attract things that
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attract people to jeremy lin. you wrote a great story? what is the most significance about performance and importance to the team? >> just the way he is doing it is what is meaningful to me at this point. getting a little old hat getting a little used to it. they are buying in and say legitimate. but the signature moment for me for tonight's game wasn't necessarily the three points it was the time when on the break away he could have taken it in himself and he dished it off to beals and let him have it to the basket. that was for me what jeremy lin stands for at this point. >> i get it, he's a great player. he's for real. 28 points. that was the shot you spoke about.
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but he's also like tim tebow, isn't he? isn't there an aspect of his faith that makes him especially peeli -- appealing to you? >> that's what i looked at in the piece. i am a christian as well, but when i wrote about was how there's something distinctive about jeremy lin asian american christian specifically. i sort of said that i think he's very different from tim tebow. i think it's being born out. he hasn't emerged -- his faith hasn't emerged as polarized as tebow's. that's partly the way he carries himself. but i think there is something december stinthive about him being an asian american christian specifically. >> well, he's a great player, or at least he's had a great run. michael, thank you. i love blake griffin and the la
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clippers, but this guy is really beginning up the garden the most famous arena in sports. this is a fox news alert, folks. >> they buried whitney houston today in new jersey. fans gathering to catch a glimpse of the golden hearse carrying her body 20 miles from newark to westerfield where she was laid to rest ail long side her father who passed away in 2003. the beverdeath shocked the worl. even her star studded funeral 7 days later put the troubled life in context of the enormous talent and deep love of family and faith. >> performers like alicia keyes cousin dion warwick and stevie wonder turning songs and speeches to tribute.
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paying respects guests like oprah, elton john, beyonce and new jersey governor chris christie who weathered a storm of criticism for lowering the flags to half staff in whitney's honor. >> it was a ceremony steeped in the gospel baptist traditions of the church where she sang in the choir as a child. three very different men filmmaker tyler perry, whitney's body guard co-star kevin costner and clive davis summed up the strengths that made whitney soar and weaknesses that brought her down. >> there was a grace that carried her through the same grace that led her to the top of the charts sold all of these albums won all of these awards. she sang for presidents. there was a grace that kept on carrying her. that's one thing i know. the other thing i know for sure,
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and this is more important than anything she has ever done in her life. whitney houston loved the lord. >> the whitney i knew despite her success and worldwide fame still wondered am i good enough, am i pretty enough. will they like me? it was the burden that made her great, and the part that caused her to stumble in the end. >> whitney was purely and simply one of a kind. yes, she admitted to abuse in her life, yes she confessed to oprah about her battle, but when i needed her, she was there. >> when did the drugs start? >> before the body guard we were just very light. after the body guard it started getting heavy. >> light with what? what was your drug of choice?
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>> cocaine, marijuana. we were mixing our marijuana with -- >> we wouldn't buy $20 we would buy maying money. after we would have -- >> you were free basing cocaine. >> basically. >> remember al pacino in scar face? few junkies beat addiction to free base cocaine. it can't show you how low they go down. there is special contempt for the pusher who's get them hooked. in whitney's case her low down husband performer bobby brown who proved to be exactly the distraction i predicted he would be at the otherwise tasteful funeral services on saturday. in l.a. we have the senior
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reporter for radar on-line. thank you. i am sorry. i screwed it up twice. how about that? >> you are good. >> thank you for being here. do i credit bobby brown too much in his role for getting his wife hooked? >> i don't think he got her hooked. she did a little bit of drugs before him but once bobby got on to the scene it was every day. he was a major part of the down fall. he got her into the harder drugs. marijuana and cocaine here and there. despite what she says, she was doing crack this is what ultimately she didn't die from a crack overdose but it led her on a path of destruction where she was taking prescription pills and alcohol and doing everything that was absolutely wrong and it is because of bobby brown and his influence in her life. >> what about bobby christina
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her 18-year-old daughter she went to the hospital twice. are drugs involved with the child as well? >> seems like they are absolutely. about a year ago we published photos that showed her showing what piered to be a white powdery substance. she never denied it was cocaine but that she was set up by someone. she is a troubled little girl. everybody wants her to go to rehab. there was reports that she disappeared family member saying she was getting high. this is a little girl who is troubled. her grandmother is going to try to get her in rehab. they do not want to see bobbi christina to have the same horrible ending her mother had. >> thank you for being with us. thanks. >> how bad was whitney's drug addiction? is bobby brown really the nemesis or a scapegoat? our panel will answer the questions. is the race for republican nominations coming down to which
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candidate can be the most conservative on issues like abortion and gay marriage. sheds the white house party crasher for the rock star. is it real or is it reality? the mob wives talk about walking their personal tight rope. wh
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>> we are happy to be happy right now. (inaudible) >> i am sorry. i don't know really you can barely understand what he was saying. he said something about god bless my family and my wife up
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there. that's bobby brown performing sunday night after causing the description -- or saturday night. he caused a disruption at the funeral on saturday when he arrived with an entourage of nine some of them uninvited. is he the devil or am i giving him too much credit? dr. jamie foster brown brenda whitney and bobby published assistant magazine. former mayor of newark sharpe james is here. i have to shake your hand mr. mayor. while out in l.a. gary katona whitney's voice coach. mayor james you first former comblier of newark you have the invitation there. hold that up. i don't think the audience has seen one of those. >> hotter than the super bowl tickets. >> what's the other? >> whitney elizabeth houston. >> it's beautiful. beautiful program. >> so did you see the altercation with bobby brown? >> i was about fthree rows back
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when he arrived with an entourage of nine. they sat down in the family chairs veefshed for them. -- reserved for them. the police kiefrm and said he could stay but the others had to move. seating was the biggest problem. everybody wanted to be there for the queen. >> he came with an entourage of nine. were they invited guests? >> kevin costner all of them had wanted a person. no one has 9. everyone wanted to be there. >> what did you think when you saw that happen? >> i think he should have remained and the others should have allowed themselves to be removed. >> did he cause a disruption? >> he did it quietly. everyjuan w -- everyone was ups about it. >> everyone was upset. >> of course they were. he is a total shmuck. let me give you a more objective person than i.
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demi foster brown. i trust your opinion. am i wrong about bobby brown? >> yes, you are. i am real kleined of upset about that, because i know that bobby i have had conversations with both bobby and whitney. she explained to me that she was doing drugs. we all know everybody knew she was doing this before. bobby didn't have the money to do what they ended up doing in the end. bobby is okay now. he's doing fine. whitney still love that is family. i was with him at bobby's mother's funeral. when he got up and sang i said this is my mother in law. she was also there and bobby's father's party birthday party. she -- now in 13 months bobby christina and bobby had lost the mother, the father and the
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ex-wife. bobby was doing okay. i talked to them after he left the church not to him but new edition they said he is okay. four of those people were his children and whitney was the step mother to those kids. she did help take care of them. >> you are bringing nine people bring children that weren't whitney's children when they were there and five other body guards and hangers on. >> i think he's looking at this as family. this is their family. she still -- she came for his event with her entourage. we don't know what was going through his mind. this is a very terrible time for that family his family and her family. those kids whitney helped raise those kids. they were together 18 years. there was a lot still there between her and that family. >> i don't doubt that.
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>> i don't think bobby is smart. he's not smart he's a nice guy. i hate that people are painting him that way. he never defends himself no matter what you say about him. he never says anything bad about whitney. he does things that i don't think are so smart, but both of them were kids that got a lot of money very early on and they were super stars. >> they put a lot of it up their noses unfortunately. i am coming your way but i have to take a commercial break first. there's a lot going on tonight, folks. stay tuned. we will be right back.
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>> it was so obvious. she impressed everybody's heart in a way she was such a beautiful human being. really, really caring, useful, thoughtful human being, call you for no reason at all, just to say hi. >> alicia keyes the wonderful song bird himself visibly emotional. we are joined by mrs. brown on the right and sharpe james on the lower left and whitney's voice coach in the lower right. is it not a fact that she told you, admitted to you she had done things that hurt her voice? >> she was having voice problems because of extra curricular activities. >> you knew who those extra curricular activities were. >> i heard the rumors. i was there to bring her voice
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back. i wasn't concerned with what she had done at the past i was corned abo concerned about what she was going to do in the future and at the moment. >> she was still smoking? >> yes. >> even though it ravaged her voice she was still smoking? >> addicts have a interesting history they get better slowly. i know she was getting better over time. >> how bad was her voice in 2004 when you started working with her? >> it was horrible. her voice was horst e in her speaking voice she barely had any notes whatsoever. lo and behold after doing some exercises with her voice using my system her voice began returning. he was happy to hear that. >> was she rude to you? how did she treat her entourage? >> i have a very special relationship with my students. i am a teacher. it's a different situation.
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she was very respectful. she did exactly what i told her to do. she gave 100 percent for me. i have never seen her abuse her entourage. she is always been very, very nice to people. she is a very willful lady on the other hand, very powerful, very charismatic. she had strong character. she is an alpha female. people would jump to her command. but never seen her mean to anybody she was very respectful to me. >> how about prescription drugs? >> i know nothing about that. >> when you spoke to her and she told you that she was the cause of her own throat being ravaged, did you wink and nod that we all knew what we were talking about? >> i told her, i said everybody makes difficult choices in their lives and she obviously made difficult ones that ended up in a lot of destructive consequences. i told her that everybody was there to help her and that we
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realized she was a very special person and the world needed her to come back and to share her gifts with the world. she understood that. she realized she had the responsibility. i tried to instill in her inspired her to do that. >> mayor james when is the first time you heard whitney sing? >> very early on. her mother sissy would come around and sing and she would bring her daughter with her. >> at new hope baptist church? >> early 80s in the church choir. i am bringing my daughter to sing the last song we would get nervous and bring out this slender young attractive young lady her voice was so unique. the crowd would become hysterical. from the early years she took off in 85 and the world has never heard a voice like this. wouldn't y beautiful, glamorous and more in her church. >> give me 30 seconds on how you want us to remember her?
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>> jamie 30 seconds. >> i can't hear you. >> did i lose my mic? >> i want to thank jamie foster brown and mayor sharpe james good luck in your post political career. enjoy retirement. a couple of months ago ladies and gentlemen the president was at 38 percent approval. now according to gallop president obama is at 47 percent. is he doing something right or are the reet pub cans doing something wro -- republicans doing something wrong. we will explore that. we will explore that. what's up with the mob [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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for headlines head to >> a new poll shows obama's ratings has risen the president keep talking fellas. are you uncomfortable with this talk about social issues? do you consider it a winning area for republicans in november? >> no. i think it's a losing position. i mean the whole idea that it is a national issue on who has to pay that comes from the fact that it is a national mandate that the government controls insurance programs. to have true insurance you have to have that done in the marketplace you can't have that
5:32 am
go done by government. >> obama care has been a hot potato since it was passed the politics of mandated health insurance has been over shadowed by social issues like birth control and abortion. here is senator rick santorum. >> one of the things you don't know about obama care one of the mandates they require free prenatal testing in every insurance policy in america? why? because it safes -- saves money in healthcare. why? because free prenatal testing ends up in more abortions therefore less care that has to be done because we call the ranks of the disabled in our society. >> you are not saying the cause of this that the president looks down on disabled people? you are not accusing him of that. >> well the president supported partial birth abortion and it is a procedure used almost
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exclusively to kill children late in pregnancy when they are found out to be disabled. >> some of his statements have created controversy. obviously so far stressing the social stuff seems to be working for senator santorum. the real politics polls shows him leading mitt romney 33.8 percent to 28.4 percent with gingrich faring badly. we have the president of the susan b. anthony list. she has endorsed the former pennsylvania senator while a senator is a romney surrogate. welcome marjorie if i may call you that. is this intentional on the part of senator santorum or are those left wing activists in the media trapping him into saying things that seem to be emphasizing social issues? >> i think president obama
5:34 am
created a very big issue. certainly it's a social issue if you want to call religious liberties foundations of the constitution a social issue which is really what this is about, about the contraception mandate it's really a mandate of what religious institutions ought to look like and small group of government officials saying what the right thing for religious institutions to do otherwise they can't play the game. that would fall in colonial government early in america and in the fourpding principles of our documents in the first amendment said religious liberty and liberty of conscience. that's what this is about. that's what this fight is about. that is why it has become such a national issue that crossed gender and religion and all sorts of lines that have not been crossed before. >> congressman he is your candidate. is mitt romney being forced to
5:35 am
the right forced to deal with social issues when he would rather be talking about how in terms of the economy he would be a better steward of the nation? >> you have to be able to talk about both. republicans got it. this is a strength. there isn't a whole lot of daylight. there isn't a whole lot of daylight between himself and rick santorum. clearly the election will be about jobs and the economy. those are the things there is a difference between romney and rick santorum. >> let's assume the economy keep improving? it matches the unemployment goes down from 8.3 it keeps going down it's in the 7's or god willing in the 6's just so we can get the nation back to work. let's assume the economy keeps improving he can't oust right senator santorum on life on abortion because of his past,
5:36 am
isn't that a fact? doesn't senator santorum by the fact that you have groups like marjorie supporting him doesn't he own that far right corner when it comes to personal social issues? >> i think mitt romney as a strong record as governor of massachusetts. a lot of pro-life groups wholeheartedly support the governor. i don't see there's a huge amount of difference between the two on that issue but when it comes to experience and the economy it's about managing the economy and who is the best person to take on barack obama. i hope the economy gets better but i think all of the republican candidates are united in saying barack obama has been a disaster. we need to fire the president that's why we have to put mitt romney to run up against him because he has the best case to make. >> senator santorum is getting heat from the left over statements that seem to question the sincerity of the president's
5:37 am
christianity. >> it is not with you, your quality of life, it's not about your job. it's about some phony idea, some phony theology. not a theology based on the bible, a different theology. >> marjorie, is he saying the president's faith is insincere? >> i know that he is not doing that. i think knowing him and knowing what he believes in if and knowing what i believe in, i think he is referring to taking a church issue and making it undamental and mandating that on other people. i think the reality is, certainly social issues are integrated into a decision he has. he is a rare person who articulated that in an overall vision and frankly came from far behind and resinated with people. very little funding.
5:38 am
i think it is an outgrowth of what we have had in the last two elections. people hungry for authenticity and reflect what they are actually going through in their own families. that is who he is. let me let the congressman have the last word. do you buy into senator santorum's phony theology statement? >> i wouldn't articulate it like that. i think the senator needs to answer that for himself. i think governor romney has been crystal clear he is going to take the fight to obama. it is going to be about bopolics and the fact that he made hthis country worse not better. >> you look at where they actually voted you can combine gingrich and santorum all of their votes and delegates they don't come close to mitt romney. >> what about michigan? >> it is one race. remember john mccain left 20
5:39 am
states on the way to the nomination. barack obama and senator clinton scooped it up until june. there may be some ginormous emphasis on michigan. i don't think so. there will be more clarity on super tuesday. >> marjorie and congressman, thank you very much. appreciate it. has the real housewife found true love? will her husband crash
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>> don't stop believing one of the top selling record of all time from a band who keeps making music. the only original band member performing with the band is with us. nice to see you. who is the beautiful lady sitting down beside you? we are talking the romance who's white house party crashing husband has just sued my new friend for $50 million for ruining him quote physically emotionally and financially for the affair. >> hi geraldo. >> how is erica? >> she is great. >> my beautil wife. >> what do you think about your husband's allegation and the $50 million lawsuit? >> it is sad. it is healthy for him and i to move forward. i asked for a divorce. i need him to sign the paper and
5:44 am
agree to it. 50 million is what can you say to that? it is not neil's fault it's not journey's fault it's between him and i. things happen in a marriage and it doesn't work. he pushed me away from him because of just the behavior. i couldn't endure the control. so things happen. >> was he abusive to you? >> he was mentally abusive. there was such control, geraldo. i think i would never say something negative about him and get into the details because i am about moving on and moving forward. i have endured as much as i could i gave the marriage all that i could. i cared for him, i loved him, i gave him everything i could. i don't endure any more than i did. >> neal did you first of all deal with this allegation and the massive lawsuit against you now against you both? did you ruin him financially,
5:45 am
emotionally? did you set out to humiliate him? >> not at all. if anything he's humiliating himself at this point by carrying out the way that he is. it has been brought in the media since second one with him from when the fbi first was calling me when she fled to come be with a friend she was in need of being with a friend. i said come out. >> you knew each other previously? >> we have known each other back in the 90s. >> 15 years. >> did you call neal? >> i had been locked out of my home and not getting into specifics it's a home that we owned together and it just got to the point where i said, i am in trouble and i got locked out because he was disciplining me, i said it's time. i can't endure any more. >> he was disciplining you? >> he was trying to teach me. maybe he thought he was helping me but to control someone like that it's killing the marriage,
5:46 am
it's killing us. i turned to him and he was there. he has always been a great friend. >> you have made this music video resinate. >> yes. >> as we play resinate for our audience at home michaele also in the video with you. did you do that to humiliate him? >> it was a natural thing that happened. she had been on tour with me for close to a month at that point. it was our last show in seattle that we were playing. i said we haven't faced anything in the tour the biggest tour we had done? 20-years financially successfully. let's film something. >> do you fear the personality that michaele describes and many people agree with the character ration that he will be a stalker in essence, no matter what you do he will haunt you? >> what can you say to that? i don't know. possibly. i don't know.
5:47 am
how do you answer that? if he is it's too bad for him i guess. >> it's too bad for both of you. a oo this has been five months now. it wasn't just a two-week aware or whatever i think that he might have hoped that it was. we are very solid together and always cared about aech other and now very much in love. >> michaela will there be another reality show? >> there's a lot of ideas and offers and definitely talks. we are trying to figure out how it works. injury ality is exciting it does a lot of great for your business and what you are doing, but it has to be the right project. it definitely plays a part on the marriage, too, or the relationship, whoever you are with. >> are you getting married? you deserve this beautiful lady. thank you. good luck to both of you. >> thank you.
5:48 am
>> how did television's mob wives get away with saying some of the stuff they say about their mobster
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>> geraldo rivera. hi there. >> get out of here. >> get out of here. >> can i speak fou tore a minute. >> the day i was there the boss himself showed up with his younger brother. >> mr. gotti? john? >> it's geraldo rivera. >> i don't want to talk, all right? >> it's a free sidewalk, all right? >> first guy wasson sanford. he put a hit on me. there's a new book hit man out
5:52 am
that chronicles that and john gotti and jean gotti. the big guy you didn't see tim me the bull. i have had confrontations with the mob. my next guest celebrate their family roots. before we meet two of the stars of vh1's number one hit show here is the mob wives. >> i never said we weren't friends. i always said yes we were friends i had a friendship with her. i never said we weren't. i keep saying that to you. i never denied we had a friendship. >> hold up. aren't you the same bitch that said we weren't friends? >> the fact that i was not your friend would i hook up with lee. >> we were always friends. we never stopped getting friends. get it right. we are either friends or not friends. she is a coward (bleep) can never tell the truth. >> this is not the place or the time. you don't do this here.
5:53 am
>> there's no going back. you go for my cousin there's no going back. >> the daughter of sammy "the bull" gravano the admitted mass murderer gotti helped put him behind bars where gotti died in 2002. granddaughter of another that killed even more people than sammy "the bull" he was portrayed in donnie bros co by al pacino. it sounds in reading your book, i am going to do something your father tells you in jail that goes against everything i ever believed in and everything i ever told you guys to believe in i am going to cooperate with the government and testify for him. i loved him wanted him out of the prison as soon as possible turning over state's evidence was against everything he ever taught us to believe in. you are more concerned about him ratting out his friends than him
5:54 am
killing the 19 people he confessed to. >> at that time i was young i was 19 years old. i didn't know where i was going to go after that. i felt like my wife was ripped out from underneath me. that's all i knew. i wasn't thinking about murder what's going to happen to me and my family. i felt be trade i thought my father taught me something he is going against something he taught me never to do. >> and ramona in your case did he ever discuss what grandfather did for a living. did you see the movie? >> as far as the grandfather it was a legend. he was never truly convicted of that. that's what they said. he never confessed or anything it was the word alleged. >> i thought he contested 26? >> my grandfather? >> that's what he is alleged to have committed. >> he never confessed to it. he took it to his grave.
5:55 am
>> you celebrate your family's background? >> i celebrate my grandfather and the love he gave me. what he did outside of the home is none of my business. >> are you willingly ignorant of it? do you make yourself not think about it? >> not that i am ignorant. i was his princess and his granddaughter. he never discussed what he did. i only knew him as a grandfather. i don't sit there and celebrate that i celebrate him as my grandfather. >> how did men date you knowing that your dad was so connected. sammy "the bull" was every where with john gotti. >> when it came to the mob it was john gotti. and sammy "the bull". they were gang stores outside of the house. >> what about your boyfriends? >> they were probably nervous. they were very respectful. i am sure it was in the back of their minds. listen, again if someone disrespected me or did something to hurt me my father dealt with
5:56 am
him as a father not sammy "the bull" the gangster. any father is protective of his daughter. >> how real is the show of yours the beef you have? you are not as big a fighter as karen? >> i think we are equal. we are passionate in what we believe in. beefs are real. other people aren't real. we are too real. >> your dads wereally were mobsters and they are the wannabes? >> yes. yes. we think. >> we are not acting for television we are just being ourselves. a lot of people she said last week get behind the green screen gangsters. they act for the television. they want to be maybe movie stars. >> movie stars so is reality real? >> yes. it is real. nobody gives us a script and says do this say this have a fist fight, it just happens. for me i feel like i have distanced myself so much from this world and coming back and
5:57 am
sitting here especially with arguing over certain things pulled me back into something that i am trying to move past. >> you have a brand new book mob daughter the mafia bull and me. you guys grew up in staten island. >> yes. >> i moved to arizona a while and just came back. >> i remember when paul castellano was killed i went to his house. did you live in the same neighborhood? >> i was in the same neighborhood. >> he was killed by john gotti? >> yes. >> your father pull the trigger? >> no. >> i thought you knew all of this? you
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frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement,
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get on e-trade. set up a real plan. frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works... at e-trade. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, february 20, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. a nightmare in washington state. three expert skiers killed. swept away in an avalanche. nearly a dozen others buried under fresh snow. we have the very latest from the scene. >> meanwhile, the country of iran making good on its threat to cut off oil to some countries. now, we'll be paying the price. we'll explain. look at that. >> and former white house spokesman robert gibbs weighing in on the g.o.p. race and it's not pretty. >> i think this g.o.p. primary is in many cases has been a race to the bottom. d


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